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Chair of Philosophy of Education

Archive Pedagogy

The Research Centre for Historical Visual Media as an extracurricular place to learn

The libraries of Universities are a progressive area of research. It is a central task to make them accessible for university science and co-operations with schools in the future. The importance of the Research Centre for Historical Visual Media particularly as an extracurricular place to learn lies in the authentic involvement of pupils in the scientific work with historic sources. A reflexively inquiring participation of the cultural memory happens through the pictures.

The archive-pedagogical approach of the research unit lies in the discovering, autonomous learning. The pupils learn about the work of archiving and inventory, how to deal with historical sources, and the methods of pictorial science. At the same time, they learn of the media, pupils of the 19th and 20th century were taught with at school. And in this way, a reflection on the change of visual media and its various mediatory potential takes place.

Particularly the haptic approach to objects, granted under certain circumstances, is considered added value, since it grants access to other ‘languages of things’. Aside from imparting technical knowledge, experiences of historical immediacy are incorporated into the work of archive pedagogy.